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Dinner with Friends: Host It Yourself

Our third dinner in the GREY Dinner Series celebrated the launch of the GREY Pre-Spring 2017 collection.

Jason and Chef Camille Becerra hosted friends in a New York City loft that was bathed in light from over 100 candles. Guests were invited to sit on wooden benches at one long farm table that extended into an open kitchen, where Camille and Jason prepared ginger and tumeric broth to accompany poached hen. Custom-scented GREY Apotheke candles and personalized match books served as place settings and the menu was presented on chalk boards. The first course was appropriately a salad of grey hues. Pre-Spring artist collaborator Lara Hodulick gasped with delight as dessert was revealed - a grouping of tiny petit fours that fit together like a puzzle to reveal her artwork. Her signature faces were also printed on dinner napkins, hand-painted on Chef Camille's apron and covering the Grey Jason Wu Pre-Spring attire that many of our guests were wearing.

With three dinners behind us and many more to come, we want to share our guide to hosting the perfect dinner party of your own. This holiday season share how you’re using our tips and tricks with #HostItYourself